Where We Work

Beginning in 2003, the Give Something Back International Foundation started providing sponsorships to needy children in grades K-12 in Vietnam and Thailand. The children are carefully chosen on the basis of need. Some are orphans or come from broken homes. Many of the children have to work to support their families or themselves, often earning the equivalent of just a few pennies a day. By providing sponsorships, we enable the children to continue at school where they can master the basic skills of reading and writing. Through education, it is our hope that these children have an opportunity to break out from the poverty into which they were born.

We currently focus on sponsoring K-12 children in Thailand, Vietnam, Haiti and Afghanistan and continue to expand our geographic scope. We provide sponsorships for children whose families do not have the financial means to support their education.

We are sometimes asked, “Since there are many needs in the United States, why should someone support children in other countries?” We don’t think of it as an “either/or proposition”. There are many, very worthy charitable organizations and NGOs in the US and around the world that appreciate and deserve your support and generosity. We have also found that children in advanced economies don’t always value a modest gift while children in developing countries can be helped in a very significant way, sometimes even a life-changing way, by the same gift.

Once a child is selected, close contact and ongoing support is necessary. Each child we sponsor is visited at least once a year to check on their progress and to understand their future needs. We currently sponsor over 125 children per school year. Since our founding, caring donors have allowed us to sponsor the annual education of over 1,000 children.