How to Sponsor a Student

You have the power to make a profound difference in a child's life.

Support one child or multiple children with school supplies, uniforms, and books for one year.

We are often asked how long a sponsorship lasts. That’s entirely up to you. Sponsorship is a voluntary, ongoing contribution. Many of our donors have supported our work since our inception. We hope that our relationship with you will be a long-term relationship.

We value each and every donation, regardless of the amount, and we are committed to keeping you up to date. Regular school reports and correspondence from sponsored students are available for your review.

When the GSBI Foundation was established in 2002, our first initiative was to directly fund and support the K-12 education of disadvantaged children throughout the world. This continues to be a core focus for us that we pursue with passion and commitment. We deeply appreciate your involvement and support.

We strive to accomplish our goals in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. We are an all-volunteer organization. We guarantee that 100% of the funds we raise go directly to benefit the children we sponsor. We do not use any of these donations for administrative or overhead expenses.


Your tax-deductible donation can be made by electronic donation or check.