Why Donate?

You might be passionate like us that every child deserves access to a quality education.

Your donation will help children to attend school. Parents appreciate the value of education for their children, but some simply don’t have the funds for school supplies and uniforms. Your donation can also help orphans who lack parental encouragement and support to attend school. You can make a real difference and help a child fulfill his or her potential.

A small amount of money can immediately make a significant positive impact on a child’s life. We are often asked how much of one’s donation will reach the child. 100% of the funds go to the child’s support!

“Helping a young girl who is living in dire conditions has been very gratifying. I’m so glad I can make a difference in her life. Her family could not even afford to pay the small fee for schooling. I liked receiving a photo of her as well as an update on her progress in school.”Frances P.

How Can You Help

GSBI is funded entirely through the generosity of individual and corporate donations. We depend on your generosity.

Here are some ways you can get involved and help.

  • Give the gift of your experience. Offer to teach a skill you possess or volunteer your time and expertise.
  • Sponsor a student through one of our education programs.
  • Help spread the word to educators and students around the world about the free, online educational program, the Global Virtual Classroom Program.
  • Introduce us to others who may share our vision and might be interested in getting involved or providing support. Do you have friends or a contact at an organization or a foundation that might support our work? Please let us know and we will contact them.
  • Check with your employer. Some companies will match employee contributions to qualified non-profit educational organizations.
  • Make a tax-deductible charitable contribution. Your donation will make a difference by providing a needy young child the opportunity to achieve their potential.

Whether you choose to give back as a volunteer or get involved as a donor, we value and appreciate your support.