The GVC Story


The Global Virtual Classroom (GVC) is a free online educational program for primary and secondary school students from around the world. This project fosters cross-cultural understanding, collaborative learning, and giving back to others while providing an opportunity to learn 21st century information technology and website design skills.

The GVC Contest, a multi-national team website design contest provides an opportunity for primary and secondary school students from different countries to work and learn from students in other countries, as they collaboratively design a website on a topic of their choosing. Plaques and cash awards are presented to the schools of the winning teams and each student receives a certificate of participation.

The GVC Clubhouse offers a non-competitive opportunity for students to work with their peers from other countries on a variety of collaborative learning projects ranging from language class exchanges, environmental research, collaborative science projects, and discussion groups.

Reflections from Teachers

“GVC is singularly the most effective project/problem-based learning activity I have ever experienced. Thanks for creating an environment that helped us teach our students to truly give back to their communities, their countries, and their world.”Rick G.

“The Global Virtual Classroom Contest was the springboard for my students venture into web design and related technology–but, that was not the true gift–it was their realization of a world of peoples both vast, yet all standing on a common ground that is our planet.”Maggie C.

“Collaborating with other schools was the most fulfilling thing the students could ever experience. Meeting new people, understanding cultural differences and being considerate are among the important things that my students have learned from this project.”Marilou P.

“The internet and increasingly mobile devices are changing the educational landscape. My students learned how to improve their digital interaction skills. They will need these skills to compete in the 21st century workforce and global economy.”Chip L.

“We are a school with poor pupils and we don’t have a lot of supplies to do things. We have found the Clubhouse to be a vibrant and safe place we can share experiences and learn together.”Cornnelia M.

“Inspiring, motivating, an invaluable experience. It should be part of every curriculum!”Ariadne L.

Reflections from Students

“Our GVC team worked very well together. I’ve learned that communication is key when working with other people from across the globe! This learning experience is something I will always remember.”Drew

“My favorite part of the GVC project was creating stories, podcasts and music for the website. I really liked working with the kids from other schools and countries. It was cool to know we could work together even though we never met.”Katie

“I think that as a collaborative group, not only did we communicate well with other students in our school but also with students from our partner cities in Japan and England. We did not let the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans stop us! We did not let language differences hold us back. I learned incredibly valuable lessons as to how to work as a team.”Emma

“I enjoyed learning how to communicate with other students of different nationalities and different cultures. I also learned some very helpful tips as how to search for information. I found out so much about the capabilities of computers and learned how to use many new programs. What I learned from the GVC has helped me with all my schoolwork!”Ken

More About GVC

Find out more about the Global Virtual Classroom program at

Be sure to check out the award winning websites designed by primary and secondary school students from around the world.

You can also register for the program by completing the online application.

Over 33,500 students and 1,980 teachers from over 600 schools in 62 countries have participated in this project over the years. A special thanks to the AT&T Foundation for their significant support over the years.

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We continue to welcome corporate sponsorships and alliance partnerships for the GVC program and look forward to working with other foundations and organizations as we continue to enhance and expand the program.