Why Volunteer?

Volunteers and interns are essential to our ability to accomplish our mission. All are valued members of our team.

Have you ever considered sharing your professional knowledge and skills? By volunteering, you can meet like-minded people, enjoy unique experiences, and, importantly make a difference in people’s lives.

Andy Ezzell, the co-founder of GSBI, had the privilege of working for Bobby Kennedy in his campaign for President in 1968. Andy has always been inspired by Bobby’s call to service.

Reflections from Volunteers

“The cultural exchange was amazing and personally enriching. I learned firsthand the issues and challenges others face and appreciated the ability to contribute. The overall experience was invigorating.”Mary P.

“I enjoyed improving my language skills while offering my technical skills!”Thomas F.

“I enjoy traveling and really like going beyond the typical tourist sites. I have loved the opportunity to give back and make a meaningful contribution to a community in need.”Janet H.

“I enjoy mentoring and seeing kids grow and learn!”Suzie S.

“It was a pleasure to help GSBI make connections with other organizations and foundations that share their vision.”Carol W.

Volunteer Now

If you wish to volunteer, register here.